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Bodotex firm started as a family business in Targu Mures, Transylvania in the 1980's when my actor husband and I as an economist learned to weave on a manual weaving loom. In the beginning we made woven articles for the family as a hobby.

When political and economical opportunities allowed we transformed our family association into SC Bodotex Impex SRL, a Limited Company. In due times we were able to gain new resources in manpower and raw materials to be able to complete with new market demands. We also increased our capacity and streamlined our product lines.

Our company is continuously improving and developing. We currently have a highly proffesional team of employees. They help to enrich the range of our products and make them successful by the contribution of their creative ideas, their work and dedication.

All our products are manually woven and processed from 100% fine wool. Wash resistant, dyes and colorants are used to keep colours bright and long lasting. The prepared items are prewashed manually before being sold.

In the following pages you can read about some of our internationally competitive products.

Anikó Bodó